We are the National Leather Association of Northern Nevada operating under the umbrella of the National Leather Association – International. NLA-NNV formed here in northern Nevada in May 2009. We are an activist group that promotes sexual freedom for all fetishists, be it serious kink or light D/s. We strive to maintain a positive image with the society at large while educating them about our lifestyle choices to gain their tolerance, and eventually, possibly, acceptance.

We are a pansexual organization that supports gay, lesbian, bisexual, straight, transgender and intersex people as we all unite under the guise of the fetish lifestyle. We yearly have three yearly FUNrdaisers – Impact, Leather Luau and Night of Fetish and Fantasy, they give people a taste of kink and are a good time overall. We are also working on a Safe Call Hotline. We also have monthly discussions and teach classes that are open to the whole community and those interested in what we do. These cover such things as Kink and the Law as well as the operations, spirituality, and the mental capacity for the Leather Lifestyle. These discussions help people learn not only about what we do but also about themselves. We have members with years of experience in the Leather and kink as well as novice members. We strive to make ourselves as open to new people as possible while maintaining the reputation as a strong leader in the community.

We are also philanthropic. With the National Domestic Violence Project, we seek to educate and protect people within the community from the hand of abusers. We understand there is a difference between abuse and kink and it lies in the form of consent. We are also working fervently with Woodhull and NCSF(National Coalition for Sexul Freedom) to convince the psychological community to remove the status of kink as a mental disorder from the DSM handbook. We are also supporting local charities to provide them with resources that will enable them to help more people in need with our fund.

Mission Statement

To maintain our national/international communication, information, education and support network for all members of the Leather/BDSM/Fetish community.

To role model the power and pride of all adults who engage in Safe, Sane and Consensual sexual expression and encourage those who fight for decriminalization of all sexual acts between consenting adults.

To support individual and organized political activism, visibility and education in order to eradicate stereotypical beliefs, misconceptions and media misrepresentation about the Leather/BDSM/Fetish family in the community at large.

To continue providing, through publications, educational material and conferences, a forum for the sharing of knowledge, viewpoints and practices of a diverse network of people.

To promote the success and welfare of individuals, organizations, publications and businesses within our community; especially against threats to their freedom of expression, freedom of the press, rights to free association and right to equal protection under the law.

To welcome women, people of color, transgender, the deaf, the physically challenged and others who have traditionally been discriminated against or poorly represented within the Leather/BDSM/Fetish community.

To attend, promote and support fundraising for deserving defense funds, projects, and clubs, organizations, and/or charities, which have given direct service to the Leather/BDSM/Fetish community.

To continue preserving a record of our history, traditions and culture.


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